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Author talks

I've always been a writer at heart and dreamed of 'The Novel' but it still surprises me how many other people think the same way. The majority are lifelong readers and book lovers, but there are others who, by virtue of the lives they have led, feel they have a story to tell. This was most noticeable during the time I spent teaching at a women's prison where the stories and untapped talent were all there but probably, like the inmates, would never be able to break out.

I've also spoken in several libraries, to writer's classes and circles, and to schools about my career in writing, the long and winding road I took to get there, and of course, my books. I love talking about it and really hope that I will encourage someone else to take the first step. In the future, usually around and about new book launch time, when I have events such as library talks and book signings they will be listed on the site and regularly updated so then you can hopefully come along and introduce yourself. I need all the support I can get and I still crave feedback, hopefully good, but if it's constructive I can take it! I promise I can take it!


Because I love writing so much I always try and share what I have learned. Over the years and at various writer seminars I have given talks and taken sessions on:

  • Travel Writing.
  • Feature Writing for Magazines.
  • Crafting the Interview.
  • Launching the First Novel.
  • Changing your author name and writing a different genre